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Feb 25th, 2018, 3:42pm
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PB Entries
Jul 25th, 2012, 7:34pm
During the last few months we have had to delete numerous posts from the Punishment Book because they do not meet with criteria, and with that in mind we have decided to clarify what is and isn’t acceptable.
To use the PB we expect you to come up with a reason for the person to be punished. We don't want the PB to be used for real grudges or complaints about other members but we do want people to use it in response to something funny or witty the ‘Whackee’ has done.
Reasons like having extra whacks are not acceptable because all it means is that you can't come up with a 'valid' reason for them deserving a punishment, albeit a false online one. Neither is wishing someone a Happy Birthday – if you want to use the PB to give a Birthday Spanking then you need to come up with a reason, such as, ‘For setting fire to the curtains with the candles on your Birthday cake’.
The PB is not to be used to leave messages for other members or make statements either.  For example, ‘A little helping hand to get you round those laps quicker’ and ‘Got Cha back, Ho Ho!!’’ do not constitute reasons. If you wish to interact with other members in this way then BL has numerous facilities for you to use – Pop ups, Winks, Chatter, PM, the Chat Room, Graffiti wall and the shoutbox.  
Members who continually break the rules will receive a warning, which we would consider to be sufficient for them to stop and in future give some thought to their PB entries. If they continue to abuse the facility after they have been warned they will receive a ban. This is always the last resort as we expect our members to adhere to the request to follow what is in fact a very simply rule – if you wish to enter someone in the PB then you need to give a reason for why they are being punished.
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