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The Guidelines (Read 23881 times)

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The Guidelines
Jun 15th, 2006, 2:19pm
Please note the main site address is http://www.bottomlines.co.uk/
About Bottom Lines
This site is an online meeting place for adult friends. It represents a community of spankos who come here to have a bit of fun and banter. Although the scope of BL is mainly spanking and CP, it also touches on some BDSM related areas such as D/s and bondage/restraint.  
BL is different from other spanking sites – aside from having an impressive array of features including personal blogs and web pages, a gallery, punishment book and storyboard, trivia quiz, and facilities for uploading mp3s etc, – its prime focus is on the people who use it rather than on their specific kink. It’s about having fun in a friendly online environment. As such, you will encounter a wealth of posts which have nothing whatsoever to do with spanking! Most of these are amusing and help to make the site what it is because they encourage everyone to join in and make themselves known on the boards.  Although we are happy to make our facilities available to regular site members for on-line banter, please note that we do not class ourselves as a contact site.  If your aim is to meet a possible partner within the Spanko world, bear in mind that BottomLines is unlikely to suit your needs.  
There is also provision for more serious discussion and debate within ‘The Boardroom’ topics, and we are keen to develop this area of the site. Note that this is the only area of the site that is moderated.
We have a few rules in place, so please observe them:
In order to maintain this site as a safe haven for all members, we must all observe the following:
1. No persons under 18 years of age are permitted to use this site.
2. References to sexual contact between adults and children under 16 are not allowed. Any such posts will be removed, and the poster will be notified. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the poster's membership being revoked. Posters are, however, allowed to make references to their own childhood spanking experiences.
3. Any personal issues, between members or concerning other sites, must be kept away from the forum; personal insults and/or inflammatory remarks will not be tolerated on BL. The receipt of personally offensive or threatening pm's should be passed to GM who will take the necessary action if deemed appropriate.
4. Password sharing & Multiple ID's are strictly forbidden.  Couples wishing to join should register as two separate individuals.
5. Any member found to have allowed non-members entry to the site will have their membership revoked.
6. Threads and posts in the 'Boardroom' areas of the site are to be kept for serious/sensible, adult discussion.
7. The discussion of political / religious issues has previously generated a great deal of ill-will and overt discussion of politics & religion on the site is now prohibited.  Any posts containing overt political or religious references will be removed.
8. Certain features are intended as a bonus for regular site users and in order to access the Arcade, Casino, Gallery & Library the following conditions must be met:
* a minimum post count of 50
* a minimum of 30 days on site
* must have posted on the forum within the last 2 days.
9. Commercial references or adverts are not allowed except at the discretion of the site moderators.
10. Posts made on BL should on no account be used elsewhere without the express permission of both the original poster and GlobalMod.
11. Posters grant full perpetual rights to Bottom Lines in respect of any posts they make to the forum irrespective of their membership status. Bottom Lines has the right to remove, edit, move or close any post or thread at any time for any reason.
12.  Member's profiles must include accurate information for both their gender and country of residence (location) at all times.
13. These rules are not to be subject to discussion on the forum. If a site member has a problem with a staff decision, the protocol is to PM Global Mod. In the case of any dispute, the decision of GlobalMod/Admin is final.

Please be aware that, aside from '2'/’4’/'5' above, which invoke membership being revoked immediately, failure to observe '3', '6', '7', '10' and '13' will result in a warning being issued, in private. A second breach will result in the offender's membership being revoked.
All members are welcome to contact GlobalMod/Admin with any problems which might arise, and these will be handled as swiftly and fairly as possible'.
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