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1  Administrative / About The site / Site access
 on: Mar 11th, 2015, 5:40am 
Started by Februs | Post by Februs
There are currently 4 basic levels of site access:
Newbie: this is the initial status on joining the site. Only the Introductions forum is accessible.
New Arrival: once 2 posts have been made the New Arrivals forum is also accessible. This forum provides the opportunity for the new member to familiarise themselves with posting on the forum and interacting with existing site members.
Provisional member: after 10 posts have been made, access is granted to all the forums.
Full member: once members have made at least 50 posts and been on the site a minimum of 30 days they will be able to access the arcade, casino and gallery, in addition to having full use of the forums.
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2  Administrative / About The site / Bottomlines Staff
 on: Mar 11th, 2015, 12:22am 
Started by ForumMod | Post by ForumMod
In the past the moderators of Bottomlines were known to all the members.  This had both good and bad points: it was easy for members to know who to approach if they had an issue but problems frequently arose when a moderator had to address a problem and the members involved took it personally.
With that in mind, it was decided that those who moderate the site would remain unknown and all moderation is now undertaken by ‘ForumMod’, ‘GlobalMod’ and ‘Admin’.  This is a group of people and we’d like all members to understand that none of us act individually over any decision-making; we work together as a team.  We put a lot of work into ensuring our site continues to improve and remains a friendly and safe place for our members to visit.
If you have a problem when using the site, in the first instance you should post your question on the Message Board.  One of the moderators will come back to you, although often there are other members who are also able to help. If you have a problem with another member, or you feel it isn’t appropriate to post your question on the forum, then you should send a PM to ForumMod, who will reply to you in due course.
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3  Administrative / About The site / Punishment Book Endorsing
 on: Aug 21st, 2014, 3:03pm 
Started by ForumMod | Post by ForumMod
It has been brought to our attention that sometimes the delay between making a PB entry and having it show up can detract from using this facility.   As the biggest reason for the delay is waiting for the entry to be endorsed by a moderator, we are currently testing a new system for endorsing the Punishment Book entries.
As you may be aware, it became necessary last year to tighten the controls on the PB to ensure Bottomlines remained a place where everyone could participate and prevent the site from becoming overrun by those that enjoyed the brattier aspects.   That has worked, but it has also made the impact of being entered into the PB less immediate than in the past.  With that in mind Februs has made a few changes and allowed a small number of members the ability to endorse PB entries. We aren’t prepared to revert back to allowing anyone to endorse but we see that as an acceptable compromise.  
The members selected are: BottomQuark, Elliej, SaraB, BooBoo, Scramble and Kizzy.
To be clear, they are not Moderators - they have no additional rights over any BL member other than the ability to endorse PB entries.  It is a way of speeding the process up and helps ease the work load of the Mods. As such we don’t expect there to be objections from other members over the fact they haven’t been selected.  The Endorsers are all very active members on the Forums, known to all of us and they actively use the PB on a regular basis.  They are also in different time zones.  This should ensure that the entries are endorsed in a more timely manner but still ensures that the site rules are met and the control remains in place.  
If you are at all unsure what constitutes a ‘reason’ when using this facility they will be happy to help and you should send them a PM or Popup.  
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4  Administrative / About The site / PB Entries
 on: Jul 25th, 2012, 7:34pm 
Started by ForumMod | Post by ForumMod
During the last few months we have had to delete numerous posts from the Punishment Book because they do not meet with criteria, and with that in mind we have decided to clarify what is and isn’t acceptable.
To use the PB we expect you to come up with a reason for the person to be punished. We don't want the PB to be used for real grudges or complaints about other members but we do want people to use it in response to something funny or witty the ‘Whackee’ has done.
Reasons like having extra whacks are not acceptable because all it means is that you can't come up with a 'valid' reason for them deserving a punishment, albeit a false online one. Neither is wishing someone a Happy Birthday – if you want to use the PB to give a Birthday Spanking then you need to come up with a reason, such as, ‘For setting fire to the curtains with the candles on your Birthday cake’.
The PB is not to be used to leave messages for other members or make statements either.  For example, ‘A little helping hand to get you round those laps quicker’ and ‘Got Cha back, Ho Ho!!’’ do not constitute reasons. If you wish to interact with other members in this way then BL has numerous facilities for you to use – Pop ups, Winks, Chatter, PM, the Chat Room, Graffiti wall and the shoutbox.  
Members who continually break the rules will receive a warning, which we would consider to be sufficient for them to stop and in future give some thought to their PB entries. If they continue to abuse the facility after they have been warned they will receive a ban. This is always the last resort as we expect our members to adhere to the request to follow what is in fact a very simply rule – if you wish to enter someone in the PB then you need to give a reason for why they are being punished.
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5  Administrative / About The site / PB / NC Features
 on: Jan 9th, 2009, 11:16am 
Started by Admin | Post by Admin
In view of the many recent newbies joining the site, and to reaffirm to current members, this is to clarify the policy and purpose of the Punishment Book and Norty Corner features of BL.
Both these features are for the purpose of light hearted fun.  The PB is for you to have the opportunity to whack another member of the site provided you can give a valid FUN reason for doing so.  General greetings and ‘because I want to’ are not valid reasons.  
The PB is available to all members of BL and NOBODY is exempt from it.  If you do not wish to use the facility to whack somebody, that is your right but we expect that you respect the right of other members to use the facility in the nature that it was intended.  You have the right to ASK members not to whack you but you may not insist that they do not do so.  Pressure being brought to bear on members to not use the facility will be viewed as bullying and will not be tolerated by the BL staff and an official warning may be issued. Being whacked or whacking someone DOES NOT affect your spanko position in the real world.  If you are unable to cope with a purely fictitious cyber whacking amongst friends (or good natured teasing on the threads) then we suggest you reconsider whether BL is the right site and atmosphere for you.
The Norty Corner is a facility that is only available for staff members to administer, although we will occasionally ‘take requests’ if the reason is witty enough.  Being placed there for a set period does not affect your standing amongst our community.  The only consequence of the NC is that you are restricted access to certain facilities for the duration of your stay in the NC and your BL status is changed to BRAT for the same period.  The system is automated, once your time is up your status will change back to the original and your access to features will be restored.  
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6  Administrative / About The site / Bloonerton Market Shop Guide
 on: Jan 1st, 2009, 5:33pm 
Started by Februs | Post by Februs
Since there have been a few requests to open shops at Bloonerton Market recently I thought I might as well provide a brief guide as to what's involved in opening a shop etc.
Getting started
First thing you need to do is decide what it is you'd like to sell to the Blooner masses.  Ideally, it should be something already not on offer at Bloonerton or BL Boulevade but I suppose there's no actual reason not to sell the same as an existing vendor.
Having decided what you want to sell you'll then need to search the web for suitable graphics of the items.  The criteria for the graphics are as follows:
1. should be an actual photo of the item and not a drawing
2. should ideally have a plain white background
3. items of clothing should not include a person wearing them
4. there should be no other items in the graphic
5. the whole item should be included in the graphic
6. it should be on sale with an existing price (in any currency but easier if it's UK pounds or US dollars)
Existing Bloonerton Market shopkeepers will probably confirm that the best thing to do is try and find a shop or shops on the web that has pictures of the items it's selling that fulfill the above criteria.  Having found some suitable items it's probably worth sending me the URL/s so I can go check the graphics and confirm that they will be OK to use.
Having found suitable graphics for the items in your shop you then need to send me the appropriate URLs to where I can find them and I will then grab the graphics, doing any resizing etc that is necessary and load the items into the BL Warehouse, usually at the BL dollar equivalent price they were being sold for, less around 30%.  I normally load 2 of each item to start with.
Stocking your shop
The BL Warehouse becomes visible once you have initially created your shop which you do by visiting your Assets screen and clicking the icon at the bottom left of the screen marked "Shop".  You then need to enter a name and tagline for your shop.  Note you can change both of these at any time later on.
The BL Warehouse only shows items which are intended for your shop or items which aren't intended for any particular shop owner. Once inside, you will see any items which are available for putting in your shop.  To acquire an item click on it and enter the price that you'd like to sell the item for in the box to the right of where it says "My Shop>>".  This will buy the item for you and also automatically transfer it to your shop for sale at the price you indicated.  Don't forget to make sure you have sufficient funds in your wallet prior to acquiring the items.
In addition to stocking your shop from the BL Warehouse you can also transfer items from your Assets into you shop by clicking on the item, entering the price below the "My Shop >>" button and then clicking the button to transfer the item.
If you sell out of a particular item and would like to restock it you just need to send me a PM indicating clearly which items you'd like further stock of.
Managing your stock
You have a number of options available to you for items in your shop.  By clikcing on a particular item you can choose to do one of the folowing:
1. Transfer the item back to the Warehouse and get the money you paid for it back.  [Warehouse >>]
2. Change the price you wish to sell the item at.  [Reprice >>]
3. Transfer the item from your shop to your assets  [Assets >>]
Advertising your shop and its contents
Once you have a suitably stocked shop you will need to bring it to the attention of the Blooner consumers which you can do by making posts on the Lunatics forum.  Should you wish to show pictures of any of your actual stock in your post you can do this as follows:
Firefox users:  right mouse click on the item and slect "Copy image location".  This can then be pasted into your post and surrounded by image tags, i.e.
 [img]pasted URL of item[/img] 

IE users:  right mouse click the item, select properties, then copy the URL from the info that appears and follow the same procedure as for Firefox.
Other browser users:  you should be able to do something similar to the above.
Having a Sale
Should you wish to have a sale at any time all you need to do is click the Shop icon in your Assets and select a discount from the dropdown menu of between 10% and 50%.  To end your sale click this button once again and select the blank option. Alternatively, you can click the "Setup" button from the menu found near the top of your shop's display screen.
Selling items
Whenever you sell an item froim your shop you should get a popup message letting you know.  You can also review all the sales you have made and any profit you have made by clicking the "Sales" button within your shop screen.
For other general advice feel free to approach one of the existing Bloonerton market shopkeepers.
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7  Administrative / About The site / BL Policy on underage content
 on: Dec 5th, 2007, 11:56am 
Started by GlobalMod | Post by GlobalMod
We do not approve of real life spankings of children. Sexual content for under 16’s is not allowed. Accounts of childhood spankings ARE acceptable, and this policy is NOT open for discussion as it has been the subject of much ill will previously. The approach of BL in this respect provides a middle ground which permits a tolerant, informative and dignified outlook. We do not seek to promote childhood spankings but feel that in the right context, they may be referred to in an appropriate manner, without resulting in unpleasantness on the forum. If this policy is something you do not agree with then we suggest that other sites may be more to your liking.
Because this policy is non negotiable, warnings will be sent by GlobalMod to anyone continuing to bring it up on the forum, as this only serves to disrupt the site and cause bad feeling. If any member sees anything which contravenes rule 2, they should contact GlobalMod who will deal with their complaint
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8  Administrative / About The site / The 7 Characteristics of Bottom Lines
 on: Nov 2nd, 2007, 7:03pm 
Started by Februs | Post by Februs
The following is a list of that which distinguishes us from other spanko sites, the reason why we keep the site running, the Seven Characteristics of Bottom Lines (BL):
1. Free - Running a site such as this involves only the slightest of costs and we see no need to pass any of this on to others.  Nor do we feel the need to have any commercial ads let alone swamp the site with them.  Consequently BL is totally free and ad free and derives no commercial revenue from any source.
2. Friendly - Numerous new users have already testified that they have found the site to be the most welcoming they have encountered. We like to think that this is by design rather than chance, as we actively seek to foster such an atmosphere on the site and discourage any malicious or oppressive contributions.
3. Tolerant - BL is a tolerant place in which others (within acceptable bounds of course) are free to express themselves without the need for inappropriate or heavy-handed moderation.  The fact it is a closed site means that any troublemakers are easily dealt with.
4. Fun - There is no doubt that the overall atmosphere that pervades the forums on BL is one of fun and good humour.  We do have forums for more serious discussion but have no time for the pompous or those that take themselves too seriously.  BL is a place to unwind and de-stress.
5. Creative - We like to think that BL offers a unique combination of features and has been constructed in a manner that we believe is fun to use as well as sophisticated in its use of technology. The site has been designed as a virtual community and is centered around the virtual world of BL-Ville.
6. Active - BL is not a site for lurkers or trolls.  We encourage active participation, particularly in the various forums, as these promote a sense of community and allow us to get to know each other and share our experiences.  Inactive members are also regularly culled based on a relatively relaxed set of criteria.
7. Helpful - BL has a vast range of features and facilites and also makes use of a number of extended forum facilities, but the admin team and the more experienced users are always very helpful to new users or those struggling to come to terms with the feature set.

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9  Administrative / About The site / Mac users please read
 on: Oct 18th, 2007, 6:28pm 
Started by Admin | Post by Admin
Apple Macintosh users are strongly encouraged to use the Firefox browser when viewing the site as old versions of Internet Explorer or Safari are unlikely to show all the site facilities.
Firefox can be downloaded free of charge here.  Mac users should select "Other Systems & Languages".
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10  Administrative / About The site / Gallery Guidelines
 on: May 3rd, 2007, 6:12pm 
Started by GlobalMod | Post by GlobalMod
To all members using the gallery
Please do not post any photos/pictures that depict anything illegal / hard porn / non-consensual / nor anything (even humorous, eg: cartoons, drawings) depicting anyone under 18, or who could be mistaken as being under 18.  Plus, please do not use titles which could infer that the content might depict any of these.  Also, all copyright laws must be adhered to.  
Thank you for your cooperation.
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