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Message started by Februs on Nov 2nd, 2007, 7:03pm

Title: The 7 Characteristics of Bottom Lines
Post by Februs on Nov 2nd, 2007, 7:03pm

The following is a list of that which distinguishes us from other spanko sites, the reason why we keep the site running, the Seven Characteristics of Bottom Lines (BL):

1. Free - Running a site such as this involves only the slightest of costs and we see no need to pass any of this on to others.  Nor do we feel the need to have any commercial ads let alone swamp the site with them.  Consequently BL is totally free and ad free and derives no commercial revenue from any source.

2. Friendly - Numerous new users have already testified that they have found the site to be the most welcoming they have encountered. We like to think that this is by design rather than chance, as we actively seek to foster such an atmosphere on the site and discourage any malicious or oppressive contributions.

3. Tolerant - BL is a tolerant place in which others (within acceptable bounds of course) are free to express themselves without the need for inappropriate or heavy-handed moderation.  The fact it is a closed site means that any troublemakers are easily dealt with.

4. Fun - There is no doubt that the overall atmosphere that pervades the forums on BL is one of fun and good humour.  We do have forums for more serious discussion but have no time for the pompous or those that take themselves too seriously.  BL is a place to unwind and de-stress.

5. Creative - We like to think that BL offers a unique combination of features and has been constructed in a manner that we believe is fun to use as well as sophisticated in its use of technology. The site has been designed as a virtual community and is centered around the virtual world of BL-Ville.

6. Active - BL is not a site for lurkers or trolls.  We encourage active participation, particularly in the various forums, as these promote a sense of community and allow us to get to know each other and share our experiences.  Inactive members are also regularly culled based on a relatively relaxed set of criteria.

7. Helpful - BL has a vast range of features and facilites and also makes use of a number of extended forum facilities, but the admin team and the more experienced users are always very helpful to new users or those struggling to come to terms with the feature set.

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